Fucking Your Pussy Sore

By | February 2, 2009

Clit Skid

My labia tear I told you about the other day appears to have healed up now or at least doesn’t sting anymore when we are fucking. I’m not sure how a I sustained my personal injury but it appears that I’m not the only one, Kitty commented that she had the same thing happen to her.

I’m wondering if I was a little over amorous and not quite wet enough, which I suppose would create drag and ultimately tear. Ouch! Perhaps I should go for a pornstar trim and have them all neatly tidied up. Lol No, personally I prefer to have long inner lips, it feels nice when Alex takes them in to his mouth and gently flicks his tongue over them.

I’m sure you all know that my favourite position for fucking is doggy style, it ensures that my g-spot is massaged and I can take control of the thrusting too. Depending on the angle of my hips I can adjust to ensure the sensation is always intense and he is hitting the right spot.

The number of times I have wanted to pee during intercourse goes to show that Alex must be massaging me in the right place. I usually end up with my legs splayed wide and my pussy pointing slightly down on to his cock. This pushes down on his cock ensuring that the ligaments press his erection firmly against me.

This got a little frantic the other night and we were fucking fast and hard when he withdrew a little too far and BANG! His cock struck my engorged clit with such a punch that I shouted “Oww” Alex corrected his position and apologised and we continued.

Nothing stops us when we are in the groove. 😉

And can you believe it. I got smacked in the clit several times, each time getting right back on there. It is most unpleasant having you clit hit when it is at its most sensitive but it doesn’t deter me.

I’m going to have to try and locate a clit crash helmet to protect it. I wonder if they do them on Ebay. 🙂