Indian Kisses

By | February 5, 2009

The planet is apparently not divided not by racial, ethnic or religious divides, but by cultural ones. I was very surprised to read just how anti-kissing India appears to be from this article on the BBC.

I remember the incident with Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty, but at the time I assumed the outrage was more at the fact that Shetty appeared not to know what to do with herself and seemed embarrassed that a man old enough to be her father had grabbed her and was attempting to stick his tongue down her throat. In fact she was obviously aware of the furore that would ensue.

It just goes to show how different displays of affection are regarded differently in different culture. The kissing thing strikes me as a little odd, but then I wasn’t brought up in India. But what I can say is that even in western society, don’t you get a little nauseous when you see a couple over-doing it. That is snogging the face off each other (often drunk) in an apparent attempt to prove just how much they’re into one another and “Yeah we’ll be shagging later!”.

There’s a lot to be said for subtlety.