Sploshing Sex

By | February 8, 2009

It’s a fact of life that when you get involved in sex blogging and begin to explore the different aspects of sexuality and the adult world you pick up a few terms that to the man/women in the street are less than familiar. You don’t have to be in to a fetish to know what it involves and to imagine what attracts people to it and makes it part of their sexuality.

You always have to bear in mind that a fetish is not just liking something. Its about an object, sensation or activity that elicits a sexual reaction. For example I like women in nice boots, but they don’t in themselves cause me to become aroused, and I don’t need to have Suze wear boots to get me excited.

Fetishes are very personal and very powerful. And to people who don’t share your fetish they are sometimes unfathomable. One of those fetishes that doesn’t do anything for me is sploshing. That is, being aroused by the use of food in various sexual situations.

Yes I enjoy food play, but for me it’s part of foreplay, the build up to the main event. To people who are in to sploshing it can be the main event. Even videos of people being covered in custard or covering each other in (usually viscous, but liquid) foodstuffs is exciting to sploshers.

So it’s not surprising that when Billie Piper mentioned sploshing on a US chat show recently she had to explain the practice. Billie, it comes with the territory, playing Belle De Jour means you’re going to learn a lot more about sexuality than you ever imagined existed. Embrace the kink :o)