Cum Angels

By | February 15, 2009

AlexSuze.comAlex and I sleep in a wooden framed kingsize bed with a mattress which moulds to your shape, providing both support and comfort as it forms to you. It is quite firm to start off with in winter and soft in summer when the ambient air temperature is warmer.

Although it is fully supportive and comfortable, it is a bugger when it comes to performing cowgirl because you sink in to it resulting in the gap between you and your partner becoming smaller by the minute.

Our bedding tends to be cream which matches in with our colour scheme. Non of these dramatic swathes of colour. We opt for the serenity of vanilla tones. If there is to be any drama in the bedroom it will be provided by us. Lol

That said at Christmas when we had the family round we invested in a new set of bedding for the grand house tour you always find yourself doing with someone. I purchased quite an inexpensive set from good old Matalan. Always good for emergencies.

This quilt cover was banded in varying shades of cream and browns, finishing in a chocolate coloured satin. The bottom sheet is also in chocolate with pillow cases matching the quilt cover.

Very nice and unlike anything I would normally have chosen. They didn’t have one on display and the package didn’t really show you how it looked.

It also didn’t warn you that if you sit up in bed after a shag you leave a nice pussy print on the sheet. The one in the top corner is the result of last nights naughtiness. 😉

Which leaves me asking. What do you call this imprint? Cum Fairies? Cum Angels? Or is there already a name for them?