Alex And Suze Went Swinging

By | February 22, 2009

How many people can hold their hands up to the following question “Did you go to a swinging club today!”, well we both can. This week got the date right and visited the swingers open day event at a club. If you read here regularly you will know that Alex got the date wrong last weekend and we turned up for nothing. Lol

So, at least this weekend we knew exactly where we were going and on the right day.

I must admit to being cautious that nobody I knew saw me entering the club. Paranoid, yes, but we once went to Portugal and met someone in a bar in the back of beyond who it turned out lived only a few streets away from us. We pulled the car up down the side of the building and only had to walk around the corner to enter the stone fronted Victorian looking building. I believe it was an ex pub.

We were greeted at the door by a bouncer, good to see that there is security in operation just in case. The room was seductively lit, it was the main bar area, the socialising part of the club. As soon as we stepped through the door we were given a warm greeting by the members of staff and the clubs proprietor.

I think the only people around at the time were the staff but it was before 12pm. One of the guys gave us a brochure and offered to guide us around the clubs facilities which I have to admit were extensive and would cover anyone’s particular kink or desire. The ground floor has a few surprises for the swinger.

We were then taken downstairs to the dungeon part of the club. This is where fetish nights are held and overseen by Frank the resident Dom. It was very atmospheric.

Once back up on the ground floor we climbed the stairs to the place where all the action takes place. There are a myriad of playrooms, cubby holes with just enough room for two and private rooms. The place is like a labyrinth with each new room offering something different. It was warm up there too with my coat on. So you no need worry about getting a chill whilst wondering around semi naked or wrapped in your towel.

After the tour we went back down to the bar area to chat with various members of staff. I must admit to being slightly distracted too. There was a good looking brunette sat right in my field of vision.

And hey, they have Bi Nights too! 😉

We will bring you more on our trip over the coming days so keep popping over to check out what we are up to.