Groutuitous Naughtiness

By | April 7, 2007

If there’s one thing that Bank Holidays in the UK are renown for, apart from the mad dash to the coast, is DIY. All those little jobs that you don’t get time to do for the rest of the year tend to get done over the long weekend.

In our case one of the jobs was a problem with the shower, specifically that the grouting at one side of the tiling had cracked and was allowing water to seep through, causing a nice wet patch on the kitchen ceiling. So three hours and a pair of sore knees later I’m ready to get cleaned up and settle down for the evening.

Normally I’d have a shower as baths take a while to prepare and for me just take up too much time. However as the shower is out of commission until tomorrow, bath it was.

It’s a strange experience having a bath after showering for so many years. I really started to get into it and after getting cleaned up I lay back for a couple of minutes rest. The couple of minutes turned into about ten as I nodded off.

The dream I had was rather nebulous and floaty, due to the partial suspension in water I suppose. Into said dream came a far more familiar sensation, a hand on my cock. I couldn’t see the owner of the hand, it didn’t matter who it was , they were doing just fine. The eager skilful fingers stroked and caressed my cock and balls, their passage eased it would seem by a little soap.

The effect on my cock was pretty predictable. It swelled up, the hand now stroking the length of the shaft, pulling my foreskin back towards my tight balls. Some dream eh?

Relaxed and aroused I didn’t thrust or buck as I would normally while receiving such stimulation. I just let it happen.

The hand was gripping me more firmly now, the strokes slower too. This hand knew me very well…

I could feel an “Mmmmm” of pleasure escaping from my lips. I was close, the tension in my groin was building, tiny beads of iridescent blue-green orgasm poised in anticipation. Then I came the opalescent pearls of sensation accompanying the spurts of cum that fell across my half submerged torso.

I opened my eyes to see Suze, my cock still clutched in her hand smiling down at me. She leant forward into the bath to kiss me on the lips then stood up.  Her tongue scooped up the drops of cum from her hand.

She smiled, “I just couldn’t resist.”