I’m Dirty And The Boys Know It

By | March 18, 2009

My new departmental colleagues seem to have got the measure of me. Lol It may have something to do with my wicked sense of humour and naughty chat. I seem to have got the reputation of being a bit naughty.

Today one of the guys in the department adjacent to mine remarked that he knew someone who used adult nappies to me. I was intrigued and about to question him (all part of my research) on the subject but I got called to the telephone.

Then later in the day one of the guy remarked about wanting to see Lesbian Vampire Killers and I remarked that it didn’t look very good from the clips and that I had seen better. To which their department manager remarked “I bet she has, she may have been in one or two of them”, he remarked laughing.

It’s a good job that I have a sense of humour. I laughed that I wish I was on pornstar money. And I very nearly made some viewing recommendations, which could have been embarrassing. Suze stopped herself just in time, I had some Harmony porn recommendations in my head.

Instead I just smiled to myself, in a kind of “I know something you don’t know way”. It can have its rewards leading a double life. 😉