Fuck Me Shoes

By | March 30, 2009

Pole Dancer ShoeWhen You Are Stripped Right Down

It’s true that clothes do not define you but they can give pretty strong clues to your personality and views on life.

Take me, I’m not a fashion follower, never have been even when I was a teenager. For me clothes had to be stylish, comfortable and if evening wear timelessly sexy. One of my favourite ranges in the 90’s (when I could afford it) was Planet.

They made some beautifully tailored classic suits, dresses and skirts. Nothing flashy but the cut and the style said everything. Understated chic with taste. To this day I’m still that girl who like class rather than trash and I’m pleased to hear that the clothes of the 80’s are making a come back.

I think most people have seen enough of the half-mast trousers with boxer top reveal, often accompanied by the obligatory baseball cap. Lets see men wearing suits to go out and looking smart again. A man in a suit works for me, in fact you may already know this because I have spoken about it before…Alex has a fuck suit. 😉

One which he can soil and is easily cleaned.

Most of the time you will find me wearing trainers and cargo pants with a t-shirt. Practical and comfortable day wear when not at work. Whilst Busty and Horny from work insist on walking around in stilettos and tight fitting clothes and would not be seen out without the lippy. Lol

I believe my clothes represent me, down to earth, practical and with a sense of fun. Not pretentious or insecure. I’m comfortable with who I am and I believe it shows.

Again there was a trigger for this post. I saw the shoes up there and immediately thought of who would wear them and it isn’t difficult to see just who they were aimed at is it? There is no mistaking a girls interests there. 😉

I don’t think I would have the bottle to wear them, would you?