Cock Infatuation And Glory Holes

By | April 8, 2009

Glory HoleI’m currently reading a book of erotic short stories at lunchtime and the one I managed to fit in to my reading time was about a woman obsessed with glory holes. I thought it a little strange and more of a male interest than a female one but interesting subject.

As I read on in to the story I couldn’t help but wonder if it had been written by a man under a female pseudonym because it read to me like a fiction of the male mind. I just got the feeling whilst reading it that a woman wouldn’t have penned it in that way.

It read like a stereotypical porn shoot with the woman doing all the “required moves” just like a professional ballroom dancer. Ticking all the right boxes. Of course I could be totally wrong about this but something did not sit right with me and as a result I was looking for the floors in the story’s execution which distracted me slightly.

Have you ever read anything written by either a male or female author and doubted their honesty?