I Found A Huge Boner

By | April 9, 2009

Bulge In PantsIt’s true a lot of men are obsessed about their penis size. So are women for the matter. Lol I once went out with a guy who insisted on checking that his cock was ok by measuring it against a lager can. I’m not sure how tall they are but he seemed happy that he managed to reach up to the rim.

I’ve also been most fortunate in that the partners I have been with, by luck rather than good measure have been able to satisfy me.

Unlike Horny at work I have never come across anyone who had a name for his cock. To me that seems a little strange, almost like it doesn’t belong to you and you cannot be held responsible for his actions.

And speaking of cock names, I came across something recently that claimed although Napoleon was not tall in stature his cock by comparison was sizeable. It was said that the term “Boner” came as a direct result of this.

Does anyone know if this is true or yet another urban legend.