When Sex Is Taking Over Your Life ;)

By | April 10, 2009

Lolly BadcockIt’s it is true to say that Alex and I think of sex from waking in a morning to going to sleep at night, it is a way of life for us both now being so involved in the adult industry. When you spend most of your time writing either posts for the site or reviewing toys for our partners it becomes natural to slip in to conversations over lunch or in the supermarket relating to sex.

In fact if we don’t talk about it for a while it feels rather strange. Lol

I even talk to my colleagues at work with a naughty undertone during the day just to release some of my pent up and hidden sexuality. Well, it probably isn’t that well hidden although the fact that I share it with thousands of people every day is my biggest secret. So, shhhh don’t tell anyone. 😉

For example we walked in from shopping earlier today and the first room we entered, the living room had traces of naughtiness. I had left our copy of the ETO magazine on the coffee table after reading our feature in their.

Then I went in to the kitchen to boil the kettle and make a cuppa and there in the corner waiting to go out to the paper/card bin were empty cardboard toy boxes.

Next room to visit was the office to check if we had any mail to respond to and there on the bookshelves and the desk were toys either in the process of being reviewed or waiting. Then the bookshelf itself has a few erotic publications which I am currently reading. Oh, and don’t forget my car which has my latest smutty read in the glove box.

As you would expect our bedroom has quite a few toys which are in the process of being reviewed or reviewed. In fact there are 6 stacked Curver boxes of them full to the brim. Then as if that wasn’t enough my bedside drawer has a collection of my favourite and “under investigation” items.

I couldn’t help but smile as it occurred to me there aren’t many rooms in this house which contain no adult products. For a moment I thought the bathroom was pretty safe but there was a drying toy I tested last night on the side of the bath.

Then we come to the last room of the house, the spare bedroom and I thought I had found one. But there is a lovers game sitting on top of the cupboard. So, there you have it, our house is full of naughtiness. And I’m not complaining.