How To Have A Huge Penis And What To Do With It

By | April 15, 2009

How To Live With A Huge PenisAre men cock obsessed or do women have a part to play in this? When I was young free and single some years ago I found most men were a little…well, preoccupied with their cock. There, I said it.

I actually went out with a guy who couldn’t stop touching himself. He was really proud of his possession and would be found at any given moment with his hands down his trousers. I’m not kidding he would sit with his legs pointing north and south with his hand down the waistband of his trousers.

Is this a comfort thing or do you guys get off touching yourselves there? With him I think it was both a habit and comfort thing. It’s not like the dinkle fairy is going to come and steal it if you don’t keep tabs on it. Lol

He was well packed and he knew it. Lucky me. 😉 And totally comfortable in his own skin and wished he could get inside mine. The truth was we were too young to be able to do anything much with his magnificent tool. I was only 15 and him just 16. Although I won’t deny it felt good when he pulled me close to him and I became aware of his arousal.

The trigger for this trip down memory lane was a book I stumbled across on Amazon whilst looking around. It is the “How to live with a huge penis” book. Obviously the title attracted my attention. 😉

I had a quick look at the content online and I’m not sure which angle he is coming in from, I’m assuming it is a little tongue in cheek. Or should I say cock. Lol

See what you think.