Looking For A New Hard One

By | April 24, 2009

SwanThis may sound slightly paranoid but do you ever have the feeling that someone just doesn’t want you to have a good time? Take today for example. We took a day trip out to a stately home, the weather was great, the location was great, we had a great day out.

There was just one moment that I felt slightly in danger and that was when we were walking around one of the lakes out there. We got to just short of the end, probably about another 10 yards to go to the end of the lakeside walk and we bumped in to a swan.

At first he was laying down not far from the water and as we approached the swan rose to its feet, head slightly down looking up at us. To me this look was slightly menacing and as it began to slowly advance towards us I started to panic slightly.

I’ve heard tales about swans being quite nasty and strong enough to break your arm. So there I am panicking and what is Alex doing? He is taking a photograph of the bloody thing and telling me we are perfectly safe. Lol Now I love wildlife (Alex included lol) but this thing scared me.

I told Alex to be careful as they can maim people and as soon as I said it I felt a drip because the swan settled down and curled its neck over its body as if to sleep. Alex being all smug said I told you we were safe. Guess who felt a bit of a plonker. 🙂

The rest of the day I’m pleased to say was pretty much uneventful and we drove home.

Eager to tell you all about our day I started to write this post, well, not this one which I will explain about in a minute. As I started to key in the words my PC locked up and I hit the off switch.

When it came up it turned out that I had lost the hard drive and further more I also lost a full year of emails because my PC hadn’t been backing up the email file. You know some days are just sent to test us. I’m so pissed off I can’t tell you. So if I promised to get back to you and haven’t, drop me another mail and I will.

Technology, you can’t live with it and…