Turn Me On, Flick Me Off

By | May 4, 2009

Adrianna LimaAs you know we run a competition over at Sex Toys Buzz, where everyone who receives our newsletter also has the chance to win free sex toys every month.

As part of this of course you have to give us your email address, a nickname and a password. Then you receive a confirmation email with a link, just so we know the email you provided was valid.

Some people register, then don’t activate their account. This can be for a number of reasons, maybe they had second thoughts, or maybe they didn’t realise the importance of activating their account. Either way if you don’t activate you don’t get a newsletter and you don’t get entered in each monthly draw.

There’s a constant stream of new subscribers, then just occasionally as happened last night we had two people request to be removed from the list.

Why would you sign up and go through the activation process then de-register your account when you’re in a free draw?

Well, I suppose people’s circumstances change, maybe they simply feel they have too much gumble arriving in their inbox every day, or maybe they get a new partner who’s anti-sex toy or anti-adult? Who knows, but their loss is everyone else’s gain as it increases the chances for everyone else winning the big prize.

Or as the French would say Grand Pricks, er , I mean Grand Prix.