Hot Pussy

By | May 8, 2009

PVC Cat WomanI stole a few moments at work today to visit Busty and Horny, it’s the only time I ever get any real conversation at work. And most of the time it develops in to naughty chat, old habits die hard. They have even managed to get the new girl to loosen up.

I’ve still got to come up with a nickname for the new girl. Uhm… Skinny, I think that suits her, although she does have some curves she is a little too thin. I may change her name as time goes on and I get to know her better.

The three of them are going out on with a couple of other girls tonight on a singles night at a local hostelry. This time they may fair better and find a guy under 60 years of age. Lol They are going to quite a trendy pub on the right side of town, in fact it was once said that there was a lot of wife swapping in that area.

They could be in for a good night. Lol

Then at the weekend they are taking part in a sponsored walk for charity. Skinny came round to sign us up for sponsorship and made a bit of a faux pas. She revealed that they were going to be doing the walk wearing cats ears and tails and a t-shirt saying “Hot Pussy”.

Well as soon as she said that I burst out laughing and was quickly joined by the others in the office, who blamed me for having a dirty mind.

I ask, who has the dirty mind eh?