Playing With My Clit

By | May 12, 2009

A Little Clitoral Stimulation

Tonight I lay back on the bed attempting to relax from my day at work. A new Harmony release in the DVD player to help me along my way. In my hand my favourite clit vibrator, one which is guaranteed to work. As you can tell I was a little wired after my day at work. Or should I say pissed off that I still have to go in.

I pressed my back in to the mattress, tilted my pelvis and exposed my clitoris ready for some arousal. A press of the button fired the vibe up and I gently placed it over my clitoral hood to work its magic.

Alex lay next to me gently stroking his cock. Don’t you just love a bit of mutual masturbation. Simply knowing that arousal is at your own command and you can orchestrate your own orgasm is empowering.

I tried the usual movements which start to vibrate my nerve endings, side to side. Then up and down. And just holding the vibe in one place and letting the vibrations ripple through my swollen bud.

All to no avail.

By now I am beginning to wonder what is happening. Why am I not arching my back in sweet agony? For some reason I just couldn’t reach that sexual plateaux where everything comes together and just like a rolling tidal wave which you cannot stop, your orgasm engulfs you.

None of that was happening. I tried adjusting my angle, position, movement and still to no avail. It was like someone had switched off my sensitivity.

Girls have you encountered this?

Nothing that I did worked. All the usual moves failed dismally.

I can only assume that stress affects your sensitivity because that is the only difference between yesterdays toe tingling clitoral orgasm and today’s. Therefore highlighting the fact that the brain is the biggest sex organ.

I need to chill…