Jordan Bares All While Kerry Is Gagged

By | May 26, 2009

Katie PriceFame is one of those horrible poisoned chalices that very few people in the limelight seem to get right. Over the course of a celeb’s life there always seems to be a problem which, because of their celebrity status, gets played out in the public eye.

They are fallible like the rest of us, except more so. The reason is clear, we expect so much of them and this pressure highlights their very human flaws and makes them more prone to failure in life and relationships. Indeed the desire to become famous may stem in many cases from an inability to understand exactly what that actually means.

The reason I mention this is that apparently Jordan, AKA Katie Price, is to apparently “Speak Out” on the Jonathan Ross show next Friday. Oh good. The saving grace is of course that because of Jonathan Ross’s motor-mouth interview technique she’s likely to get very few words in.

Since his return after the debacle with Georgina Baillie, Jonathan Ross has reverted to the interview style that he used to have. That is asking a guest a question then elaborating on it and attempting to answer it before the guest has a chance to answer. A shame because at his best he can be entertaining.

Now compare that with the sad case of Kerry Catona, ex-Atomic Kitten star who appeared on the ITV morning show opposite Philip Schofield apparently drunk or drugged. She has major problems to deal with and a story to tell but is apparently being denied a return appearance on Schofield’s show to set the record straight.

What’s right or wrong, correctly reported or tabloid hype about all of the above is irrelevant. Being a celebrity sucks and can serious fuck up your life.

So if you’re tempted to be one I have three words of advice:

Don’t Do It!