What A Lovely Pair And They Are Real ;)

By | May 27, 2009

Busty GirlI returned to work this morning with reluctance, after having Monday off the prospect of returning was even harder. The morning started off slow, giving me chance to catch up with my work a little.

Then came mid morning and all our systems went down and as we work online with no manual backup most of us were sat around like lemons.

It gave me chance to talk to Gobshite who had just returned from a week’s holiday in warmer climes. He was full of how wonderful everything was and then got on to the subject of the two girls in his hotel complex.

Now bear in mind that he went on holiday with his girlfriend. He started to tell me how they were two stunners and they were sunbathing topless. “One of them had the largest pairs of melons I’ve seen”, he added.

“Were they real?”, I enquired laughing.
“Yes”, came his reply
“Did they move when they laid down?”, a sure way to test the fake/real theory
“They did move”, came his response but for some reason I doubted he had checked that closely he was too starry eyed I’m guessing

Can you imagine how his girlfriend must have felt with him ogling the two girls.

And it got even better they were with their parents. He went on that they were really good looking girls and yet their parents were mingers. And at this point I think he got a little carried away and said “I told them that I couldn’t believe that they had got two girls who looked like that”.

I suggested that he was lucky not to have come back with a couple of black eyes for one reason or another. Lol