Le Cock?

By | May 30, 2009

Bent PenisThe weather here is wonderful, the sun is shining and the temperature is rising by the day. We are set for a hot spell which may last in to early next week. 🙂

This of course has made everyone dig to the bottom of their clothing draw and extract summer wear. Which is always good for perving. Lol

We had to visit the local supermarket this morning to stock up on supplies and were greeted by a girl with a very ample chest in a white t-shirt leaving the store. Alex noted her rather large nipples attempting to escape through her top. I noticed her companion, I’m sure I knew him from somewhere, so I missed the chance to ogle.

It took us no longer than 10 minutes to pick up the essentials we had gone in for and far longer to stand in the checkout queue. I have a habit of checking out other peoples shopping in an attempt to guess what kind of person they are.

Today I was standing in the human chain when I noticed a guy to my left in the queue next to us. He was wearing a Le Coq Sportif matching set of shorts and top in navy blue with a red Coq on them.

I didn’t realise how appropriate this was until I noticed where he put his hand. At first I thought it he had placed his right hand in his shorts pocked. But no. He had only pushed it down the front of his shorts.

Bad enough you may think, least in public. He then began to shuffle about inside his shorts. I stared at him hoping he would turn round and I could embarrass him for the laugh. But he didn’t and continued to fondle his meat and two veg quite openly.

I couldn’t keep it to myself and whispered in Alex’s ear what he was up to. At that moment he removed his hand and I thought that was the end of him touching himself up. Moments later he was dipping back in there again.

Alex remarked how he wouldn’t like to shake hands with him and I thought about the checkout girl who was going to be taking his money. Lol

Oh, I forgot to mention between extractions he did actually raise his hand to his nose and sniff. I wonder if he has a girlfriend. 🙂