Naked Big Brother

By | June 7, 2009

Nice AssThat’s what it’s turning into I fear. The UK’s Big Brother 10 contestants were notable by the fact hat they are the most self-aware and media-savvy group of wannabees yet when they entered the house last week. It’s also been the one we’ve watched least since series 1. the sparkle has gone from the show, but it draws us back like moths to a guttering flame.

It’s guttering and threatening to go out because the demographic to which it appeals is shrinking. Gone are the days of wider appeal and now, on the whole, the only reason people over 25 have reason to watch it is if someone lobs their tits out or a champagne bottle gets used as a dildo.

I think what has really turned us off to the show this year is that it appears an increasing number of the housemates are obviously already set up for careers after the so-called reality TV show has finished. Being registered with modelling agencies, having already done shoots for the papers … not really your average girl/boy on the street now is it?

And while it makes for good chewing-gum-for-the-eyes TV it lacks any compelling reason for us to watch.

Case in point. We turned it on yesterday evening to “see if anything has happened”, and ended up talking to each other all through it until we eventually decided to go to sleep.

The social experiment element of Big Brother has truly died and all that’s left is a competition to see who gets the biggest contract/newspaper deal when they leave. Then again, I never did understand this obsession with celebrities who are famous just for being famous …

Of course they could make it an all naked Big Brother … nah, you can get that on the Internet.