Hot In The Desert

By | June 9, 2009

We have been catching up the details of Busty’s recent holiday. They had searing temperatures up in the high 30’s and high humidity, she said it was a bit too hot for her. And on a couple of occasions the air conditioning failed and they were left to the mercy of the heat.

Despite all this the worst part of her holiday was actually having to spend it in the company of her boyfriend. They have never spent so many consecutive days and nights with each other. As for Alex and myself we would never be short of things to occupy ourselves but they actually ran out of conversation.

Busty said she got fed up of trying to keep the chat going and gave up in the end. And do you know what they both resorted to! Playing I Spy, yes, they ended up playing this just to keep up the interaction.

She said it was embarrassing at times, especially when they were in the company of other holiday makers and they were sat in silence, as if they had argued. I’m hoping that she is beginning to realise that this guy is a waste of time and she would be wiser to invest in a girl-girl relationship.

Alex just reminded me that he would like to join in if that happens. 😉