Bukkake In The Kitchen

By | June 18, 2009

BukkakeWork is slowing up at the moment and I’m increasingly finding myself at a loose end. And because to admit you have nothing to do is frowned upon and offering to help someone else causes them problems too because it is slow for everyone, I just keep quiet.

So I sit at my desk amusing myself by keeping up with the news on the BBC website and playing Solitaire. Don’t tell anyone. Lol And to make it seem like I am genuinely working I occasionally type some crap in on the keyboard for effect.

I had a bit of a close call today. I was happily clicking away filing cards when The Bully started to walk over to my desk asking what kind of monitor I have. In my urgency to close the program I only managed to minimise it and at the bottom of my screen for all to see was the Freecell icon.

My heart was going as he approached me and at the last moment before he could see anything I had a brainstorm. I turned the screen away from him so he could see the back to check what type of monitor I had.

Phew! That was close.

After my heartbeat settled back to normal I decided to make tea for us. I rinsed our cups and opened the cupboard door to extract the beverage paraphernalia to be greeted by the strangest, yet slightly familiar smell of…


I’m not joking, it smelt as if someone had emptied their balls in to it. Tomorrow if I have the time (hehehe) I may try to find out what is creating the aroma of jizz. Until then I will try to find a source for comparison…Alex!