Roll Camera, Action

By | February 24, 2006

What’s the best time I’ve had with Suze with out actually having sex?

Well first of all there’s meeting her for the first time. The day my life changed forever.

Then there’s the time we moved into our first flat together. Then when we bought our first house.

However, on the “slap and tickle” side of things I’d have to say it was the first film we ever went to see. The film’s irrelevant, but it was also our first date. We’d met a couple of weeks earlier at two parties on consecutive weeks and become an item. But this was our first actual date.

We held hands, sweet huh? Caressing each other’s fingers, palms, wrists. We kissed occasionally. I got hard just from the thought of what I wanted to do to her and I’m sure she got pretty moist too. I had to have a wank when I got home, I’ll let her tell you what she had to do some other time.

The simple sensory pleasure of the touch of my new lover without even the slightest whiff of a bonk was hugely exciting. The newness of the relationship, the implicit limitations of a public place, all added to the experience.

We saw the film a few years later when it was released on TV and kept saying, “I don’t remember that bit”. Not because we were chewing each other’s faces off the whole time, we kissed very little. It was because our whole being was focused on the tactile sensations of two people holding hands.

The next film we went to was a little different. We’d been in each other’s pants in the intervening weeks. Carnal contact had been established. So when we sat down in a film, which promised to be hot and steamy we didn’t really mind that it wasn’t. About two minutes after the lights had gone down we had unzipped each other’s jeans, slid down in the seats and spent the next 90 minutes frigging each other senseless.

Luckily it was a late night screening, there were only about eight or ten other people in the auditorium, nice and thinly spread. But I’m sure some enterprising security guard has put the footage from the low-light cameras on the net so look out for it people.