Comfy Slippers And Sexual Restraint

By | July 9, 2009

BondageHow would you feel if your gran ordered a pair of comfy slippers to wear around the house but when they arrived the parcel contained a little something extra?

Not only did she get her footwear but a catalogue for bondage wear. Home Shopping Selections sent out a catalogue for Don’t Be Timid featuring a pair of “Rubber Pouch Pants” and a “Bondage Restraint Set”. Now that wouldn’t upset me in the least, I’m used to that kind of stuff coming through my door but I can see how it may offend others.

Unsolicited email is bad enough already but the company MRP Direct who retail sex aids struck up a deal with HSS in good faith that their catalogue would be sent out to suitable customers.

Obviously in this case they made a grave mistake.

The Advertising Standards Agency upheld a complaint from the shocked recipient that the catalogue was offensive, irresponsible and unsuitable for unsolicited circulation.

I’m not sure if any compensation was rewarded or if MRP offered the customer money off their first order. Lol