Fisting Virgin

By | July 18, 2009

Fisting MittenAnd may I say I intend to stay that way. I’ve tried out all manner of sex toys and devices over the years but have never felt the need to indulge in fisting.

To me a cock, fingers, dildo or vibe are all sufficient to bring me off. I don’t need to have something fill me to capacity and beyond for it to feel good.

It also raises the question, “if you become accustomed to having a full hand shoved up your you know what how will you ever feels satisfied with the vanilla lifestyle most of us have?”

Surely compared to a hand, a dildo, butt plug or cock for that matter are not even going to touch the sides.

Nice that they thought about the hygiene aspect by creating this Fisting Glove. I think I’ll stick to cock it may not be extreme but it does the job for me. 😉