Alex And Seven Women

By | August 5, 2009

I just got back form a great night out with my old work buddies. Six of the nicest girls you could wish to meet. They were all very inquisitive about exactly what I am doing these days. And at one point they jokingly remarked that Gobshite who I used to work with had concluded that I was now running my own online adult toy business.

Bear in mind this is the young dude who thought that BDSM consisted of people dressing up in Natzi uniform. He didn’t have the first idea what it was about and generalised in his naivety.

The girls all said they missed me and my smutty conversations. I even learned that The Bully had been listening to some of my conversations and remarked that “it got a bit deep for me so I switched off”. I’m so glad I’m no longer working there, he is one of the reasons my days were filled with crap and I’m so glad to be away from it.

Alex spent the evening in devilish mood he kept on stirring things up by adding remarks like. “we were at an exhibition the other week and met Tanya” and “If we were to get married in Vegas it should be between the 7 of January and the 10”, meaning that it should take place when AVN is on.

And the rest of the evening he spent dropping hints that he would be a great companion for Busty. She is still having fun and games with her useless boyfriend. I wish she would just tell him to fuck off.

He was a little devil tonight and he will be duly punished when I get him to bed. Lol No, all joking aside it was a great evening and the company was wonderful apart from one girl who shall remain nameless.

I need to get together with then again soon. Funny, I miss some of the people but not the company.