Slip Slidin’…

By | May 31, 2007

I am currently off work with some kind of gastro-intestinal virus which is making me feel like my guts were going round in a washing machine but I won’t burden you with the detail.  No, don’t pity me…well, yes do.  🙂  I feel like shit and it is inhibiting my copulation no end.

It all started on Tuesday morning, the alarm went off and we were woken by the clock radio playing something far too jolly for that time of day.  Bah humbug.  I turned on to my side and pushed in to Alex’s groin so that we were spooning.

And then it came to my notice that my guts were trying to leap out of me, making gurgling and glugging noises.  I wriggled against Alex until I felt a little more comfortable despite my musical tummy.

Alex began to stir and put his arm around me, cupping my breasts in his arm and moving up to the back of my head.  He placed a kiss on the nape of my neck and said “Good morning darling”.  I burbled good morning, feeling all sorry for myself.

Feeling warm and comforted by Alex hugging up close I began to slowly drift back to sleep again.  Alex had other ideas.  He started to push his groin against my ass and groan rather hornily.  He moved his arm to enable him to get a purchase on my left nipple, he started to pinch it firmly between his fingers and I didn’t complain I love nipple play, even when I’m feeling icky.

He continued to press himself up against me…no push against me.  I could now feel his cock pushing in to my buttocks.  Alex had a hardon and was obviously feeling a little more amorous than I was.

“Turn over”, he whispered in to my ear his hot breath warming my lobe.  Ordinarily you wouldn’t have to ask twice, hey you probably wouldn’t have to ask at all if your hard cock was poking in to my back!  But I was too ill to even contemplate having a hard cock thrust inside my very tender stomach.

“Why don’t you rub up against me?”, I offered, not totally selflessly, I love to feel him rubbing one off against me.  “I’m not feeling too good today”, I explained because I’m sure he was taken by surprise that I didn’t want to fuck.

He continued to rub up against my buttocks, a slow hip rock which made his cock ride up and down my ass crack.  His breathing has now accelerated as he motioned between my buttocks.  Despite my discomfort I was now starting to get turned on at the thought of that hard cock running between my buttocks and my pussy was now feeling quite moist and humid, my nipples hard and sensitive as they glanced across the sheets.

His cock was leaving a wet trail on my flesh as it passed over me I could feel his precum cooling in the airstream made by his movements.  I reached round behind me and ran my fingers over the tip of his erection.  He was wet and sticky and I scooped up some of his fluid and returned my fingers to my mouth to taste him.  Pre cum has the sweetest flavour an appetiser for what is to cum.  😉

Alex continued to slide up and down my crack, pushing against my asshole occasionally to tease.  “I’m dry, I need some lube”, he suggested.  I reached over to the bedside cabinet and could just grasp the lube that we had used the other night without having to disengage from his ministrations.

He rolled my hips over so that I was now face down against the bed.  I passed him the tube and felt the cool viscous lube as he squeezed it on my warm ass.  He pushed his cock between my cheeks, slicking them up for the fucking they were about to receive.  A couple of thrusts up and down and he engaged his cock between my ass cheeks, pushing them together either side of his erection.

He began to pump in to them with increasing speed and his breathing had now turned to groans of excitement as he pounded my ass.  My pussy was throbbing and I reached down under myself between my legs to start rubbing my swollen clit.  I ran my fingers between my lips and picked up some of my own juices.

He was now fucking me like a wild man and pushing against my cheeks with his hands.  I could hear the slurping noises created by the lube as he fucked away and it pushed me closer to the edge, I needed to bring myself off.

“Agghhhh”, he exclaimed and I felt his seed jettison across my back and hitting me square between my shoulders.  His thrusting started to subdue as the last of his ejaculation issued forth.  I can’t adequately describe how much of a turn it was to know that Alex has just cum all over my back.  I couldn’t see it but that made it all the more stimulating.

Now distracted from my mission I asked Alex if I could taste him.  I felt his finger glide against my flesh and then I could smell him as he raised his finger to my mouth.  Delicious main course…but dessert was yet to come.  😉