Fit Bodies In Tight Lycra

By | August 21, 2009

Michael PhelpsLast year went swimming one evening and I had a little incident. I was doing the breast stroke and as my head went under water the water pressure turned my eyelid in on itself. Not a pleasant experience. My left eyeball was scratched and then bathed in nice stinging chlorinated water. So since then I’ve been irrigating my dry eye with saline eye drops to allow the inflammation this caused to subside.

The point of this story (yes there is a point) is that I popped into the sports store near my client’s offices and picked up a pair of swimming goggles. My thinking being that I would avoid the same mishap and prevent the ingress of water when we next went swimming.

When I showed them to Suze her first reaction was predictable; “Who do you think you are, Michael Phelps?”. Well no, I don’t quite have his technique. I’d not bought a pair before because I’m not a competitive swimmer and I thought having them would make me look a bit “up myself”. However in this case necessity won out.

The Michael Phelps thing played on her mind because later as we were getting amorous she said, jokingly, “Are your hands as big as Michael Phelps?”

I knew what she meant – big hands mean big, well you know ;o)

But what a time to mention it!

A lesser man would have crumbled under the comparison to the towering all-conquering athlete. I brushed the comment off and carried on regardless.

Next the Lycra suit, oh, and 8 gold medals. Don’t hold your breath 😛