Pussy Everywhere

By | August 21, 2009

Pussycat DollsYou’d be forgiven for loosing track with the line-up of the Pussycat dolls when you look back through their history. I knew they’d been a manufactured product (nothing wrong with that it’s a fact of the music industry) but their image as a burlesque troupe, then as recording artists is complex and an involves line-up changes that would probably have been fun to observe – lots of tantrums and sudden cullings as the management decided how to best monetise them.

Pure speculation on my part of course if the management are reading – as if!

Thing is, is manufacture a problem or do you just accept it as a fact of life? I mean porn is manufactured but everyone’s seen it and many people enjoy it on a regular basis. We certainly do as proved by our adult DVD reviews.

What about you guys? Do you just ignore the manufactured nature of the media or does it rankle?