The Dirty Videos Are Back

By | August 23, 2009

Female DominanceWe’ve had a lot of fun and games with various hosting sites chucking us off because they thought our videos were variously too cheeky, too commercial or (as we suspect in one case because of the seven figure hit count we had) too bloody popular.

So we’ve been working hard, costing things up and seeking out a hosting partner who will give us continuity of service.

Well Ta Da! We’ve found one and today you can see the first two of our video library on the new site.

We’ll be uploading all of the video archive over the next few weeks and adding some more when that’s done.

You can access all the videos from this index page, and the individual videos currently uploaded here:

Allure Leather Whip

Benjamin Bond Vibrator

There’s also an RSS feed (Use the feed discovery tool on you browser, or there’s a link at the bottom of the index page) so you can keep up as we add the new videos.