Bathroom Naughtiness

By | August 26, 2009

Toilet DrunkI knew there was a good reason I never sit on toilet seats in public facilities.

Chastise me if you wish but I have to be honest and admit that this story did tickle me although I have every sympathy for the guy involved.

The police and community leaders in Queensland are appealing to the public for help following a sick joke which took place on Saturday.

A 58 year old man was taken to hospital as the result of a bit of toilet humour. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The man sat on a toilet seat in the Cairns Central shopping centre and found himself stuck to it. Some prankster had smeared the seat with a rapid acting adhesive.

It was reported that the poor guy was escorted from the shopping centre with the toilet seat still stuck to his ass. He was taken to the hospital where they used industrial strength solvents to remove it. Ouch! That had to hurt.

So remember never sit on a public toilet seat or if you have to cover it with toilet tissue first. There are some things your mum teaches you that you know will come in handy later in life. 🙂