I Came So Hard …

By | September 8, 2009

PornAll week I have been feeling lethargic and lifeless. My energy levels had sunk to an all time low but I didn’t feel ill. This continued for about 4 days and then Friday evening BANG it hit me. I have a cold complete with the accompanying sneezing, hot/cold and snotty head.

So that night we retired to bed early and watched the extras on our Ideal DVD with a few glasses of red wine. It was a great chill out evening and despite feeling under the weather I was still horny.

About 20 minutes in to watching the DVD my hand automatically gravitated to Alex’s groin. He was laying on his back with his cock unobstructed laying on his tummy under the sheets. A few brushes of my hand against him and I knew he was in the mood too. He wriggled closer so I could get my hand fully around his stiffening member.

I stared to move his foreskin up and down, slowly and deliberately coaxing him to full erection. It didn’t take long for him to be standing proud under the sheets. I wriggled under the bedding and took hold of his cock in my mouth, pursing my lips and sucking at the same time.

Pushing my tongue against his frenulum I started to bob my head up and down on his hard meaty cock. He started to buck his hips, thrusting deeper in to my mouth and I had to adjust my position to keep my airway open as drool ran from the side of my mouth.

I withdrew from his cock, gasping at the air and then adjusted myself lowering my mouth once more over his hardon. He placed his hands over each of my ears and started to thrust in to my mouth and I yelped with excitement as he headfucked me.

“I’m going to have to stop or I’ll come,” he whispered through deep intakes of breath, his chest heaving with excitement. I did has he asked and pulled away from his cock, sucking up the saliva and precum from the tip as I went.

Alex raised to his knees, took hold of my hips and swung me round to face the bedhead. I dropped to my elbows making access to my wet cunt easier for him. I love this position and the stimulation your g-spot gets.

He pushed his round head in to my wet folds and thrust in deep. “Uhmmm”, I encouraged. He didn’t need any as it happened. He started to fuck me like I was charging by the hour. Faster and faster he ground against me. At one point I nearly lost my balance and went careering towards the headboard, just stopping myself before contact.

Alex was oblivious and continued his onslaught inside my hot pussy. He took a bunch of my hair in his hand and pulled my head up and slightly back. Controlling me like a mare, taking my reigns and bringing me closer.

That was my tipping point. My vaginal walls started to contract and my orgasm quickly followed. My knees began to quiver and I felt slightly unsteady as he continued to take me. Just as my climax started to subside I could feel another building in me.

I could hear the wet sloshing as Alex continued to fuck away at me. My thighs were becoming moist, no wet. Then the thrusts slowed and he was moaning behind me on the cusp of pleasure and pain. A couple more slow deliberate thrust and he began to oscillate as he pumped come in to me and then collapsed over my back.

Hot and stick we both fell on to our sides of the bed. I moved my hand across the mattress to make contact with Alex’s hand and as it brushed against the Eqyptian cotton I felt a large damp patch.

“I think I just squirted”, I exclaimed.
“You dirty girl”, came his reply…