Sex And Strangers

By | September 14, 2009

SuzeYou would think that writing about sex and publishing what I write for strangers to read would be nothing new after over four years of doing just that online. However it turns out I find new aspects to it every day.

Lately we’ve been enlisted to write articles for a company that requires content for one of its online retail websites. I’m not talking about product blurb here, they want properly researched and authoritative articles about sexuality and sex related issues. This means proper research because despite having acquired a lot of knowledge about sex and sexuality over the years it is a bit of a patchwork. It’s very easy to know a lot about certain specific areas and miss the whole picture and how things interconnect.

Anecdotal “facts” and something learned third hand from someone who thinks they read something somewhere … it’s just not good enough. So I’ve embarked on quite a lot of research recently. This has taught me that I know a lot and there’s a lot I didn’t know too.

This sort of research is hugely enjoyable because it’s a job I enjoy and I’m getting paid for it too :o)