Sexual Healing

By | September 17, 2009

NurseI don’t know what I contracted about 10 days ago but it has resulted in me going through a whole load of different symptoms. Almost changing daily. At first I thought it could be the common cold getting a grip of me as I have been working my butt of and tired myself out but as time goes by it seems to be more symptomatic of flu.

I’m just hoping that it isn’t swine flu. 🙁 I actually placed a call to the NHS line this afternoon in an attempt to find out if it was common flu or the dreaded swine flu. Unfortunately the key symptom appears to be a raging temperature somewhere at 38 degrees and above but our thermometer wasn’t registering anything out of range.

Given that both Alex and I were sweating like crazy and you could cook eggs on our palms it just didn’t seem right that our temperature should be within normal range. So even now we have no idea what we have, just that we feel bloody awful.

That said we are still managing to participate in the occasional aching, groaning and moaning screw. Lol We have resorted to having the pedestal fan pointing at us to keep our temperature as low as possible whilst doing the do. And despite the effort involved it does feel so good. 😉

Tonight Alex commented just how hot I was and that he thought I was cooking his cock. Lol I’m hoping the next time I speak to you I will be feeling better, it is really pissing me off now.

I promise not to breath on you.