In Bed With Keni Styles – Part 2

By | September 20, 2009

Keni StylesThis is the second part of my interview with Keni Styles. You can read the first part, published yesterday, here.

Do you watch your own scenes, like when they are being edited or do you leave it to the production crew?

“Yes! Of course I do, and I am amazed that anyone in this business would not. I usually only watch the published final edit. As performers we try to achieve the directors vision whilst on set but once my deed is done, there is nothing more I can contribute so it is in the hands of the edit. I enjoy watching the final product and love to see how it is transformed from something I did in blind lust, into something exciting and arousing on screen. I do also perform, film, direct and edit my own stuff which is a interesting experience. Sometimes I allow the pursuit of perfection restrict the process of production, but anyway that is my own game and no one is expecting anything so I have all the time in the world.”

Can you tell us about your most embarrassing moment as a performer?

“The most embarrassing moment for me as a male performer is not getting it up. A lot of industry guys will tell you that it has never ever happened to them and that if that does happens then your not fit to be in the business. That’s a load of shit. I have seen some of my porno heroes have bad days and I have seen them all struggle at some point. The only saving grace is that as you gain more experience you learn how to control your mind better and you have your own personal tricks and things that you know, tried and tested pulls your flag back up. Ego’s do get bruised but it is a fact of human biology that sometimes it is just not going to work as well as always. Mind over matter is the sole key to this job but sometimes you can let your mind and your concentration slip.

Once you do it’s a ‘hard’ place to come back from. I have had my fair share of up and down struggle days, especially in the beginning. I was under the spot light from very early on so I didn’t have much time to learn my trade as such, people expected professionalism from the start and to be fair a few times I just didn’t give it. I learned the hard way about the self discipline of not partying like crazy the night before work and turning up with an full sack of spunk. And even now, I learned to be able to read my body and know when I need to take a break if I have been working too much or whatever. So far, and I touch ‘wood’, the only scene I completely bailed out on in my career was for Relish Films and I didn’t accept any payment for it even though I still limped through it. Like I said, I learnt the hard way and I needed a whole month off after that just to bring my body back up on point. Needless to say I have never been employed by that company ever again! Ce la ve, that was my most embarrassing moment as a performer.”

Do you have any preferences when it comes to directors?

“Yes. I like directors who care about their production and have not fallen into the sausage factory, let’s get this done same shit as a million other porn scenes mentality. It doesn’t have to be a feature, even with gonzo, care about the scene. Tell the performers what you want to achieve and trust them to deliver it for you. Nothing worse than an over controlled, over directed sex scene and here’s one for a few, don’t have penis envy man? If you want to be here then shoot a POV but don’t try to fuck with me or hate on me just cos you want to be there instead. It’s your damn film and it won’t anyways cos I’ll just enjoy it more, especially when I cum and get paid! That’s a little bit of a joke but yeah some directors can be like that. Mostly I like working for everybody who knows how to get what they want and still have a good time.”

Where’s the most exotic place you’ve done a shoot?

“Anywhere is Exotic compared to London right? I mean I think Spain and the Canary Islands is exotic. So Los Angeles, Vegas and Miami are uber exotic paradises to me. I did a great scene with Isis Love on a rock, by a cliff in the middle of a beautiful lake on a scorching hot day in Lake Mead, Nevada recently which was really awesome. But I would definitely say that shooting in the Caribbean tops all of that. I have shot in Antigua, Santo Domingo and San Antonio before and I loved visiting those places. The most picture perfect scene was on a small uninhabited island off the coast of Antigua, a deserted beach, palm trees and a beautiful girl named Cayanne Clein.. that was the bollocks! Coming up I have a shoot pencilled in with some gorgeous models in Thailand. I can’t wait for that, it’s gonna be a bit like my home coming too! LOL!”

Where was the most unpleasant/uncomfortable place you’ve worked?

“Well pleasure and pain would describe one of the scenes I did in Santo Domingo, I was with Renata Black and we had to do almost all of our positions balancing between a rock and a boulder over looking a sheer drop to the lake below us. That was uncomfortable. I also did a scene for Bluebird Films for a movie called Psycho Ward where I was suspended hanging upside down by my ankles with three other guys like frozen pigs. They were pumping dry ice across the floor so we had all the blood rushing to our heads, lungs full of smoke and we had to raise hard ons! The girls tried their best to suck us off while we swung around with the cords cutting into our ankles.. like I said, pleasure and pain.”

What sort of preparations do you have to make before you begin a day’s work?

“Eat well and stay fully hydrated. I stay on top of my appearance and try to look my best and smell good at all times. I make sure I know where I have to be and at what time with what clothing. Other than that I am generally stress free and I love what I do so there is not much more that needs to be done.”

Obviously you need to be “ready” before you start a shoot. What is your preferred method, do you use your hands or one of the many masturbators? I know that Jay Snake likes his Fleshlight, I’ve seen him using it. 😉

“I really wanna try a flesh light out, I’m really good friends with most of the flesh light girls but I still haven’t had a good go on one.. flesh light of course. About being ‘ready’ before you start to shoot, I don’t honestly think about it like that. Personally I think it is lame when I watch porn and out springs a hard on unless of course there has been enough story and foreplay or build up to warrant the guy being rock hard when she opens his pants. If that’s what the director wants then fine, he’s paying and I just take my time and enjoy the girl before he starts rolling. Otherwise I usually just steer the scene the way that turns me on before she actually gets to go down there. I find that too much wanking can desensitize me if it is a really long shoot but I can get up and stay up just fine eating pussy. If that’s what they want then that’s usually my trick, if not then I just prefer to allow things to progress naturally. I think it is more satisfying and enjoyable for my girl to see and feel my cock growing hard for her under her control rather than it to just ‘be’ there already?”

Do you have to eat a special diet to aid your ejaculations? I know some people like to take special preparations to help with sperm production. Or do you abstain for a while? 😉

“It is pretty hard to abstain when your busy all the time, and don’t forget that we have private lives too. Personally I believe in the opposite, the way my body works, it seems that if I cum a lot and often then my productivity seems to be higher and it seems to balance out. If I abstain then there is definitely a maximum two day threshold where I honestly don’t think that the load gets any bigger after that. But what I do find is that I am so eager to cum if I haven’t for two days that it really hinders my performance. I can hardly move without wanting to fill a girl up! So in an ideal world I recommend a healthy balanced diet, plenty of fruit and vegetables, protein shakes if you feel the need but more so for your physical training purposes than cum production, and to have regular sex. Every day seems fine to me personally, twice a day for not longer than a week or so or if it’s three pops in a day then probably want to not shoot the day before? Oh I do try not to eat spicy food, but then I don’t actually eat much acidic stuff anyway just by personal taste.”

You can relax now. Lol What’s your ultimate goal as an adult model and performer?

Keni Styles“I never really relax, I just go onto cruise for a bit but my mind never really stops. I aim to continue doing what I am doing, being happy and exploring the wonders and pleasure of the world. I aim to continue growing and making new friends, learning more about myself and generally what makes us tick. I am working hard on my personal website as well as another themed one. I have been shooting and directing, I have also written a screen play and I hope to present some of my stuff to some distributers in 2010 as well as obviously continue acting and performing. I have been preparing my mainstream show reel to present to some of my Hollywood contacts and I am also soon to start studying photography. Aside from those things, my ultimate goal is simply to be the best that I can be at everything that I apply myself to and that is what makes me happy. So in a nut shell, just be happy! :D”

What do you think you would have been doing now if you hadn’t taken those tentative steps in to the adult industry?

“I can not really see myself doing anything else at all to be honest. All my life I have done what ever I have wanted to do and to be honest, once I actually did take that tentative double twisting back flip leap into the adult industry I finally felt at home. I love what I do, I love the people I meet and those who I hold as my friends and I simply wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Beyond what you’re doing now do you aspire to direct, produce, have your own studio? Or do you want to move out of adult one day?

“Yes, like I said I have already made moves into directing. Who knows about a studio or anything like that but I have been lucky so far and I fully expect my luck to continue so I hope for good things in the future. I have my fingers in pies out side of the adult business and I know that I will and can always step out if I ever wanted to, but like I said, I found my home now and I love it right where I am. For now.”

What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

“All of the above and a few surprises up my sleeve. The immediate ones you should look out for are ‘PURE’ from Evil Angel and ‘Malice In La La Land’ from Miss Lucifer. As well as my website

Are there any directors or actors you would like to perform with?

“Yes and I am to track each and every single one of them down one by one!”

What do you like to do to chill out when you aren’t performing?

“My special place is on the tarmac, hitting the bag or in the ring. I chill when I’ve pushed my body. I also like having a blast on my xbox now and then!”

Which sites do you currently appear on and do you have your own site?

“I have a pretty extensive but not complete filmography and website list on my blog which is, I’ve done a few and yes like I said my website is coming soon!”

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Keni?

“Wow I don’t think that your readers could cope with anymore Keni time even if I did. No, that’s pretty much all I can muster up for now but I have totally enjoyed answering all your questions. It’s been fun and for me to exercise my brain a bit is always a good thing. Keni is a simple guy and like a simple life. That’s it really, thanks so much for offering me a chance to present myself and readers, thank you very much for reading this and getting to know me a little more.”

Thanks Keni, you were awsome.