Fucking G Spot Bollocks

By | September 23, 2009

Pigs BallsIf there’s one thing guaranteed to get you some free publicity it’s a journalist who can’t be bothered. Some of you may be surprised to know that such a creature is very easy to find.

So if you’re in the market for some free publicity bear this in mind.

Why the sudden vitriolic flow? Well simple.

A certain national newspaper has published a story created by a national toy retailer about how they are so shocked, horrified, saddened (delete as applicable, by a survey (which I assume they commissioned) indicating that UK women can’t find their G Spot that they “created a new sex toy” designed to stimulate the G Spot.

What load of complete bollocks.

There’s no sign of the mentioned toy in the paper, maybe actually showing sex toys is a bit too much but there are how many G Spot vibrators out there? This has to be the thinnest piece of promotional copy I’ve seen in a long time and the cheapest piece of newspaper copy too.

Retailers used to have to pay for that sort of coverage. Obviously I’m not saying which paper and which retailer as that would be adding to their cheap, lazy and unimaginative publicity stunt.