Swinging And Diddling

By | October 8, 2009

AssI was both angered and amused by a report I watched on local television this evening. Strange I know but stick with me and I’ll explain.

They were focusing on a court hearing for a guy who was falsely claiming disability allowance for his back injury starting in 1989 and received some £22,035.40 in benefits between July 2002 and October 2007.

It was said that originally he did have issues with his back but he failed to tell the benefits office that he was fit when his back complaint ceased. He was actually filmed by the DWP putting the wheelie bin out, carrying tins of paint and marking regular visits to the B & Q DIY store and as if that wasn’t proof enough, he also worked out with weights and on the exercise bike.

So, you get the picture, he’s not exactly incapacitated but the story became even more surreal. He was also employed by the local swinging club as an unofficial bouncer and get this, receiving free entry in return for his doorman services. 😉

And even funnier, the guy reporting on the item was stood outside the swingers club. Priceless.