By | October 11, 2009

PussyThis social networking thing is going great providing you don’t get offended easily. Lol The frontage is shall we say chatty, sometimes a little risqué but all within non offensive guidelines.

But behind the scenes is a seething, lecherous beast just waiting for it’s next victim. It makes Alt.com look tame. 😉

On a daily basis I get approached to go on webcam for a bit of mutual masturbation, get sent cock pictures which is becoming really boring now, asked if I want to meet up and do a threesome with Alex, asked to send pussy pics. Oh and I almost forgot, one guy who insisted that I tell him if I had ever had Egyptian cock!

It really makes for interesting insight in to the workings of the male mind and I must say it doesn’t get any deeper than groin level. Lol

I’m sure if I was a single woman I wouldn’t have a problem finding a shag every night or even day for that matter. I had one guy who wanted to meet me half way between our homes for a quickie.

Never a dull moment on the Internet. 😉