Three Days Of Hardcore Porn

By | October 20, 2009

Bondage GirlsWell, we finally made it back after three hectic, dirty days of Venus. I’ll tell you more about our trip later but I have something else I want to share with you first. 😉

I didn’t sleep well last night due to a combination of excitement and party goers coming back to the hotel in the early hours and roaming the corridors pissed and loud.

Consequently when I woke this morning I felt like I had no sleep, weary with sore eyes I made my way down to breakfast after a quick shower in an attempt to liven me up. It didn’t. So one grumpy, mumpy, don’t piss me off fucker, Suze went down to breakfast.

When we got back to the room Alex kindly offered to pack up the cases whilst I caught up on a bit of sleep. I shut my eyes for an hour which helped me recharge ready for the return journey which helped as we were catching two planes home and then a taxi ride.

I was dreading the long haul home but it wasn’t that bad, in fact it had a couple of moments of hilarity.

I’ll explain. In the exhibition I was given several brand new toys to test and have more coming through the post so keep an eye on Sex Toys Buzz for the latest. These were packed up in the larger of the two suitcases for the journey home.

All was well with the flights and transfers, we had ample leg room and the staff were wonderful. We finally arrived at our destination Manchester airport and Alex waited patiently for the cases to appear on the baggage carousel while I went for a pee.

When I came out he was busy retrieving the larger of the cases from the carousel. As he did so he pointed out that it was vibrating. Lol We had to wait until everyone had collected their luggage and open the case.

And just as we suspected one of the vibes had set itself off because the batteries were loaded. Alex sorted it out and locked the case and we thought no more of it. 🙂

We made our way out to the arrivals lounge and were met by our taxi driver. Both of us couldn’t wait to get home to our crazy kitty and our own bed. As the driver picked up the larger suitcase to place it in the boot he pointed out that something was going off in the case.

I must have looked mortified for a moment before the driver suggested an alarm of something was vibrating inside the case. Alex kept his cool, placed the remaining luggage in the boot of the car and took out his keys for the lock on the case.

The driver waited in anticipation for Alex to open the case and I tried to lure the driver back to the car by opening the door as Alex suggested that the driver climb in whilst he sorts out the problem.

Fortunately the driver did as he was told and climbed in the drivers seat. Much to my delight, I had visions of Alex having to open the case containing all sorts of naughtiness in front of the driver.

Phew! That was so close.

Only now can I laugh about it. Lol