Cheap Sex

By | October 27, 2009

BoobsAlex and I attended Venus in Berlin because it is the major event in Europe for kinksters like us. But we also had to be mindful of our expenses and try to keep things to the bare minimum.

Hence our foray out of the hotel and on to the streets for some in room entertainment. The mini bar was available at ridiculous prices and the hotels bars whilst being quite reasonable could still be beaten by supermarkets.

The only problem being choice. There was a Lidl close by and a Netto further up the road, neither supplying the finest cuisine or in this case alcohol. We reached the Lidl store first and decided to go with a couple of bottle of red and one of white.

But when we returned to our room we quickly realised they hadn’t provided us with a cork screw for the bottles of red wine we just purchased. Lol The white wine was fine, it had a screw top on it and as it happened wasn’t a bad bottle of wine.

I love German wines, they are usually fruity and full bodied just like me but I didn’t really get the chance to test them this trip. I’m hoping next year to make more of the experience and I promise I’ll take you with me. 😉

First time experiences are great but you also have chance to learn from them. Next year Berlin better watch out. 😉