Perky Boobs

By | November 6, 2009

Gold BikiniJust as you think they cannot bring out any more beauty treatments and enhancements along comes another.

They have labelled the procedure Breastox. And are suggesting that the uplifting effects of Botox injections in the breasts would give back the pre pregnancy perk to new mothers. It is claimed that for £1,000 a session which involves giving 12 injections in to the pectoral chest muscle can tighten sagging cleavage.

It is claimed that by paralysing the muscles prompts other muscles in the back to strengthen and provide uplift. Also the lines formed on the chest by aging and over exposure to the suns rays are smoothed out.

They also suggest that it should be a one off confidence booster rather than a regular treatment. I’m thinking perhaps it sounds a little too flaky to have any value at all but a good money spinner for the private cosmetic treatment clinics.

You can always make money out of the vulnerable.