Sexual Sacrifices

By | November 18, 2009

HotpantsAs you know Alex and I attended the Erotic Trade Organisation in Birmingham in July and had a thoroughly good time meeting friends old and new. It’s a trade event which has a friendly atmosphere, tinged with kink of course. Lol

Then we had a baron patch with nothing within our grasp until October and for the first time we got to visit Venus which for us is the pinnacle of Sexpo’s. Last year I had to look on at as other people said they were visiting Berlin for the Sexpo and endured the images they took when they got back.

So this year it was a must for Alex and I to visit and we enjoyed it so much that it will now be scheduled in our calendars for a visit next year. Hopefully we will see more fetish exhibits in 2010, the recession took its toll on Venus just as it has everywhere else.

One trip we will not be making is to Erotica in London, we can’t really see an angle on it, it’s more for the consumer than us. Our focus is mainly on adult products and the exhibition is more angled towards the adult lifestyle.

We will review this next year but for this year I think it really doesn’t hit the spot in terms of what we are about. Of course next year may be different.

However if you are interested in all things sexual then Erotica is a must for you, go visit the site I’m sure you will find something of interest. 😉