Snogging In Public

By | November 20, 2009

There was an article on the news last night announcing the return of a dessert I haven’t seen for year, the Arctic Roll. Apparently there is a revival of yester year happening at the moment as we all seek solace in the recession.

This has resulted in the revival of old favourites and indulgence outlets. According to tonight’s news Bradford has seen an increase in ice cream parlours as we try to escape the torment of our daily life.

And just this afternoon I was reading an article about Mr David Walliams and his latest model girlfriend who were in the trendy Snog frozen yogurt emporium in London. And funnily enough the photographer actually caught them doing just that. 😉

An unusual name for a frozen dessert house but one you will remember so a good choice of name. You can check them out here Next time I’m in London I’m checking them out and Alex is in for a…