Sniffing Dirty Panties

By | November 20, 2009

Bent OverI know I keep referring to my encounters on social network sites but they do amuse me lots. It now becomes apparent why so many people get hooked on sitting keying in messages to members all day. It’s the thrill of the instant feedback, just like msn. Blogging is good as an outlet for your thought and feelings, kinks and vices but the interaction is slightly more delayed.

In a way I suppose there must be people out there who are addicted to social networking and can’t go for an hour without having to interact. When you think about it I suppose as higher thinking sentient beings we are going to crave attention and to a degree adoration. After all we all like to be liked, don’t we?

PantiesThe kinkiest request by far was for me to sell a pair of my used panties. At first I laughed at the idea and then began to see a possible monetary gain which stirred my interest. As they say everyone has their price.

Only problem was the amount they were offering wouldn’t have covered the cost of the panties and postage. Having checked out Ebay I discovered there seems to be a trade in used panties, I may have to auction some of mine. 😉

I would certainly be wanting more than this.