Wax Play Virgin – Part 1

By | August 1, 2007

Unable to wait any longer I purchased a box of very cheap candles from my local supermarket today, as suggested by Mistress160.  I found to my delight they were made from paraffin wax just as she had advised me, which meant they would burn cooler than standard candles.

I had the day off today and rather than wait until Alex got home I decided to give them a test drive.  After all I didn’t want to kill the moment by allowing Alex to drip hot wax on to me whilst I screamed out in pain.  So, I thought best to give them a try first just to see if I could tolerate the heat.

I decided as it was a warm sunny day (I know most unusual these days in the UK) to take the candle and lighter outside.  This would avoid any spillage on to the carpet in the house and I could get some sun on me for a change.  I walked outside on to the patio and checked if there was anyone about.  No.  I removed my t-shirt, leaving me standing outside in just a pair of blue denim jeans and sandals.

It felt good to release my breasts and bare them to the sun for the first time this year.  😉  Kind of kinky.  The neighbours were at work and I couldn’t hear anyone around so I proceeded to light the white wax candle and watch the wax slowly warm and melt around its wick.

At this point I must admit to getting a little apprehensive about dripping the wax on to me and wondered if it was a good idea.  This soon passed and I extended my left arm out in front of me and brought the candle above it.  I raised the candle and closed my eyes as I let the wax drop on to my forearm flesh.

To my surprise it felt very warm and first and then quickly cooled to a comfortable warmth.  This was then followed by a tightness of the skin as the wax gently pulled on my epidermis.  A nice sensation.

Then it was time to be brave and test it on my exposed breasts…

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