Working Out And Added Benefits

By | August 5, 2007

Alex and I had a wonderful Saturday evening, it was the perfect blend of sex, porn and merlot.  And I think it was in that order from what I can remember.  🙂  We fucked doggy twice, once in the living room with me over the sofa and the second time on the bed and I nearly had my head rammed in to the headboard again.  Then to end the evening because we were both a little tipsy from the wine, I wrapped my legs around Alex’s shoulders as he took me from above.

By the end of the evening I was dripping cum and had to walk around with a huge wedge of toilet tissues stuck up my pussy lips.  😉 

Top tip don’t fall asleep with toilet tissue stuck up your flaps.  I woke up this morning and couldn’t remove it without taking the top layer of my labia skin off.  Lol  I ended up having to soak it free with a wet face cloth and then I could peel it away.

After breakfast and a quick cup of coffee we headed for gym.  I must admit I nearly didn’t go I felt as if I was still a little pissed from the night before.  But thinking about going is worse than doing it, so I pushed myself into taking the car ride down there.

I started off my session by rowing for a while to get myself limbered up and ready for the rest of my workout whilst Alex did some weights.  Then I moved on to the exercise cycles and Alex came over with me.  I really let it rip today and pushed my normal comfort zone, sweat was running down my back and between my breasts as I pushed to go faster and faster.

It was hard work at first but became easier as I got in to my stride and I was getting a kick out of pushing myself.  I also discovered via my reflection in the window that my boobs have a lovely little bounce to them when I push the envelope.  I will have to remember that for the next time a guy mounts the cycle at the side of me.  😉  “Who tease…me!”…”never!”

Next time to go and do some weights myself.  I climbed off the bike and something happened that I had never experienced in all the time we have been going to the gym.  My pussy started to tingle and pulse, just like it does when I’m close to having a clitoral orgasm.  I stood at the side of the bike for a while and pushed my thighs together.  This usually helps to bring me closer to coming.

I interlocked my hands and pushed forward with my arms, pretending to stretch out.  I hope nobody noticed that I was only stretching out my arms and it should have been my legs.  But I didn’t care.  I was smiling and enjoying the pulsing sensation within my panties.

It became apparent that I couldn’t stand there all day so I went over to sit on the weights.  I wouldn’t look out of place just sitting because that’s what most of the guys do anyway, just sit there for half an hour before doing a repeat.  Lol  I was so close and didn’t want to loose it, I closed my eyes and rested back against the padded rest, knees pressed together and feet apart.

“Are you using that love?”, a voice broke through my pre orgasmic state.  I opened my eyes to see a stocky blonde guy stood in front of me.  “Er, yes,  I won’t be long”, I replied shaking myself back to normality.

I don’t know quite how I managed to rub myself up a clitoral orgasm riding that bike but I’m sure as hell going to try it again tomorrow.