And I Thought I Was The Naughty One!

By | August 14, 2007

I’m now in to my sixth month of working and for the most part enjoying the feeling of being useful once more and of course the cash injection at the end of the month.  The girls at work seem to get on with me and I’m now one of the team.

The reason I know this is because they have now started to open up to me and reveal more of themselves.  That is the other side…the side you don’t normally get to see at work.  😉

Today to be honest we all chatted away most of the day, don’t tell the boss.  Lol  They suggested that we should have another girls night out.  I must admit I enjoyed the last one we had but I think it would be even better now that everyone has let down their guard.

I was sipping away at my tea when one of them said “What about the time we went to that lapdancing bar?”.  Well, my jaw must have dropped to the floor it was so out of character for them.  Or at least I thought it was until today.  I thought it was me that had the open minded attitude and the secret sex blog, I’m the dirty girl in the office!  😉

They started telling me how they got tickets for a group of them and a huge reduction in price.  How they got talking to the girls and even remembered the names of the prettiest ones.  I sat there in wonderment as they told me their story.  I have worked with these girls for the last six months and never knew they were in to these things.

One of them said that she had a private dance from one of the dancers and how they wondered off in to a private area.  She told me that they had to sit on their hands just like the guys did.  I was now beginning to feel a little innocent and unworldly as a I sat drinking up their tales.  I’ve never been to a lapdancing club before but I’m up for it now.

I began to suspect that one of my colleagues may have lesbian/bi tendencies as she described the girl who did the dance for her as having perfect skin and a beautiful figure.  She remembered her name and obviously left a lasting impression on her.  I must admit I was quite pleased that she enjoyed the female attention as this is the girl I mentioned some weeks ago as being cute and generously endowed.  😉  How I would like to put my…I must stop myself doing that.

The other girl pointed out that they had all had chest improvements, which put the mockers on it a little but hey everyone has their faults.  I did point out that it probably helps when you have to hang upside down frequently that your boobs stay in one place.  🙂  She giggled and agreed.  She even asked her where she had them done.

It certainly made for an interesting day and I can’t wait to get invited on the next night out now, we may end up sitting on our hands.

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