Party People

By | August 19, 2007

Alex and I were invited to a party at one of his work colleagues yesterday.  I must say and only now dare I say it…I wasn’t looking forward to attending, the guy is much younger than us and I’m not one for partying with a house full of people I don’t know.  In fact I hadn’t met anyone who was going.

Still I took the bull by the horns, put on my makeup, heels, low cut top and set off on the 5 mile trip to his house.

When we arrived at the front of the house no music could be heard.  Always a good sign…NOT!  Lol  There were no people visible either in the windows of the house or on the front.  It did cross my mind for one moment that we were the only people to turn up. 

It wouldn’t be the first time.  When Alex and I first got together, we went to a Birthday party for one of his work colleagues (different employer) and there only 6 people there including the guy who was holding the party.  We got ourselves a drink from the kitchen and sat down in the living room with the others.  I told you it was wild.  🙂

You start off by telling yourself that the others will be coming soon and to sit tight.  The conversation was strained to say the least and the music was so low that you couldn’t even loose yourself in it.  We managed a couple of hours and then through the art of liar follow liar, made our excuses that the cat was locked out and left.  Normally I would have felt guilty doing this but not on that occasion.

Anyway, back to the party.  We knocked on the door and were greeted by a guy, no idea who he was.  Nor the other 30 people in the kitchen and house.  I looked around the kitchen and living area, not one person in sight was 30, not even 29.  🙁

We were surrounded by students and feeling quite old.  Lol  After a couple of glasses of wine I began to see things differently and realised that some of the girls were quite hot.  I started to make conversation with a girl in a low cut smock top, she had sapphire blue eyes and a very, very nice pair of boobs which were only just being contained by her top.  😉

I was now begining to see the positive side to being surrounded by younger party goers.  The wine flowed and before long we were mingling with everyone like we knew them from Uni or something.  I was really letching but not at the guys, the girls were lovely.  I was beginning to feel like a dirty old lady and was feeling so randy imaging seducing several of the females.

Alex was happily chatting away, blissfully unaware of my lascivious thoughts.  😉  The night rolled on and despite seeing several girls I was attracted to, I still hadn’t seen “The One”.  That was until she stood in front of me talking to her boyfriend.  She was tall, dark and gorgeous.  She had long brown hair, stood about 5′ 10″ and was dressed casually in blue jeans and a navy sweatshirt.

Nothing out of the ordinary you may think but she had beautiful twinkling green eyes and an infectious giggle.  I think it was the giggle that caught my attention first.  Naughty and cheeky all at once.  Strange how I was only noticing the girls.  Hmm.

I felt really randy because I had got home from work, showered and then got straight ready to go out, nothing but a quick hug and a kiss with Alex before we set off out.  I was now feeling it.  It’s not something that I could put my finger on but I was most probably suffering from coitus absenctia.  Lol

The thick seam in my jeans crotch became quite useful as I stood there crossed legged talking to the girl, I think her name was Laura.  She was talking to me and being very suggestive, teasing Alex and saying how much she would like to put her tongue inside my mouth.  Don’t ask how the conversation got to that, all I will say is that the drinks were flowing and so were my juices.  If she had asked me to go upstairs right then and there I would have.  😉

She pushed all the right buttons, pretty, witty, intelligent and humorous…everything non tangible that I find attractive in a mate.  No fuck buddy.  She now had her arm through mine and was hugging up to my left side.  At one point she was looking right in my eyes and I almost felt the urge to lean in and kiss her but drew back.  It wasn’t like that, I wish it was but she was just up for some fun.  Shame.

We played around with double entendres and jokes but she wasn’t going to succumb to me.  I consoled myself by rubbing off my clit with the seam of my jeans.  I’m sure I’m not the only girl ever to do that.  😉

Watching her throw he long glossy hair over her shoulder, combing her hand through it was great to observe but just made me want her more.  I couldn’t contain myself much longer, the mental torment and my horniness was not getting too much.  I suggested to Alex that we should get home to feed the cat.  Sound familiar?

When we threw our clothes off and jumped on to the bed and I straddled Alex and fucked him like a bitch on heat.  I think that must have been the longest we have gone without fucking each others brains out.

Does anyone else get sex withdrawal, or am I a special case?