Sleeping On The Job

By | September 2, 2007

On Friday morning before I left for work a large excavator turned up at the house down the road.  The guy started to dig up the driveway.  So, being the perceptive person that I am, I guessed that they were having a new drive.  Lol

I got out of bed because the noise was too much to sleep through and went downstairs to put the kettle on and make some toast.  Afterwards I returned to the bedroom and sat in bed watching the morning news on the television, whilst eating breakfast.

The hum and clatter of the digger was plainly audible over the news, so I turned up the volume.  Then it stopped and I was able to hear again.  I peered through the gap in the middle of the curtains to see if there was any talent out there.  Don’t heckle, nothing like ogling a good looking workman without his top on.  😉

Unfortunately, no good looking workmen to be seen and the guy in the cabin of the digger was in a world of his own.  Check him out in the image below.  He had turned off his machine, folded his arms and nodded off in the sunshine.

Never being one to miss an opportunity, I took some images to show the neighbours when they retuned from work.  😀  No, I wouldn’t do that.  I took them because it struck me what an amusing picture it would make.

I was reminded of my rock chick days and this track by the wonderful Ian Gillan.  Sorry it’s a bit crackly but it is from 1979 and I couldn’t find a better clip.  If anyone finds one let me know and I’ll change the link.

It also reminded me of the time I fell asleep whilst being fucked.  Yes, I did…don’t look at me like that there were mitigating circumstances.  😉  Alex and I had woken in the night and decided to spoon, before we knew it he was hard and parting my legs to gain entry.  Nothing quite like a sleepy fuck in the middle of the night. Hmmmmm.

Anyway, there we were rocking in unison as his hard cock pumped in and out of me.  It felt so relaxing, not like the sweat inducing fucks we normally have but a slow luxuriating grind.  It was so relaxing that I was rocked to sleep and woke up some hours later with me glued to Alex’s groin by sticky cum.  I think I removed a layer of his skin as I moved away from him to get washed.  Lol

Has anyone out there ever done this or similar?  I would love to hear about it.

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