I’ve Got That Friday Feeling

By | September 29, 2007

I have one question to put to you all.  Does anyone do any work of Friday’s?  🙂  Most of mine was spent catching up with the girls after having no vehicle all week and their various boyfriend updates with a little smut and naughtiness.  You know me, always find an opportunity for a laugh and some sexual innuendo.

One of the girls is single at the moment and the other one is making up for it by going out with two guys at the same time.  Bloody greedy she is.  😉  One has a reputation, if you know what I mean and the other is tall dark and handsome, with a heart of gold but has taken a knock or two lately.

Neither know about the other and she is playing it very carefully up to now but it just takes one slip.  I once had the pleasure of going out with 4 guys at the same time.  Never a dull moment and never a night in.  The problem I had was not calling them by another’s name and remembering who I had done what with.  Hey!  We’ll have less those naughty comments from the back.

One of the guys I was seeing liked the odd spliff or two and introduced me to the joys of being stoned.  I was in my teens and exploring life.  We got so stoned one night that we went to bed without putting the rollup paraphernalia away and the next day when I ran the Hoover around the room in his flat I sucked up the remainder of the marijuana unknowingly.

I was explaining this to my colleagues and they were talking to me about their encounters with the weed.  The girl with the rather ample chest who I have got my eyes on, said that she had only eaten it and had some very strange memories.  She wouldn’t elaborate, perhaps in time when she feels comfortable revealing her experiences I can find out.

The other girl, the one without a fella at the moment said that she would never forget the time when she took some of that stuff which speeds you up…

…the sort you can buy in tablet form from the Chemist’s.  “I’ll never take it again”, she added.  Me and busty looked puzzled at each other as we tried to understand what she was talking about.

“The name escapes me”, she said with a thoughtful look on her face.

“I know, I know what it was!”, she exclaimed…

“Pro Plus!”.

Well, we both howled with laughter as we were both expecting her to say she had tried some Speed or something.  🙂

To explain to anyone who hasn’t heard of Pro Plus it is a stimulant based on caffeine which can be legally purchased over the counter at a chemist shop.

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